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  1. § Barry Email said on :
    Oh yes, Michelle Meyrink. I still have a crush on her as Jordan in Real Genius even though she makes out with a boy who looks like Sarah Jessica Parker. I’m not sure what does it: the bowl cut, the overalls or watching her sand her dorm floor at night but she was hot in that movie. I think she was in Valley Girl as well.
  2. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :
    That’s part of the reason I like her though. I mean if she went for Mitch, I would certainly be an improvement. And surely she would ride the Barry train.
  3. § Donald Hinthorne Email said on :
    Jordan represents a type of innocence, Virginal, willing, not so worldly. I adore the movie, watch it every time it comes around, witty good soundtrack,ect. I will always wonder how Jordan fared in the future.
  4. § Susan Ursitti fan said on :
    Susan Ursitti as Lisa ‘Boof’ Marconi; she has that attractive girl-next-door charm and isn’t a brain-dead user like her foil in Teen Wolf, Pamela (Lorie Griffin).

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