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  1. § Chris(tina) Email said on :
    Hey, now! As a female Asian, I kinda resent some of that. You don’t see me lining up to get it on with Hello Kitty, now do you?

    Okay, it’s true some chicks go for the nauseatingly sweet and cute, but not everyone. For instance, I don’t like Leonardo DiCaprio. There. I’ve said it. Commence stoning if you must, but I still think that although he’s an enjoyable actor, there’s something too young about him.

    Suffice it to say that there’s a group of us gals out there that go for nerds, geeks, and what have you. Got a level 80 warlock and two 75 priests? Hey, gimme a call sometime. Spend more time in front of the mirror than you do in front of your XBox? Keep walking, buddy.

    As for Masi Oka being the only Asian rep in the hizzouse? Uh, hello? Harold from Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle was totally rocking the Sulu vibe. (Hmm… that sounded dirtier than intended.)

    Anywhosie, let me sum it up: Brains are more important than looks. Cute can be nauseating. If time in front of the mirror is greater than 15 minutes, then chances of chatting up a girl with a brain are less than zero.

  2. § N’jaila Email said on :
    Heroes is on its way out, you have two hot Asian males in leading roles in prime time John Cho and Daniel Henny. Both Byung Hun Lee and Bi in big American blockbusters I think things are looking up for Asian American males the one Asian man rule can be stricken off the record.
  3. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :
    I’ve acknowledged John Cho’s existence, but that’s about as far is I’m willing to go.

    He’s almost 40 and so far all he’s done is Harold and Sulu: a bit part in a good movie and a huge part in a bad movie. It’s not exactly time for a parade.

    I’ll give him a plus 1 for being semi-cool, but if he’s the future then dark times are ahead because his career has been going on too long to be called up-and-coming.
  4. § N’Jaila Email said on :
    Well Cho was in West 32cd which was quite good. I could go on and on about the Asian American actors that are coming up and getting a lot of roles lately.

    Have some hope :3

    Hell an Asian guy was even nominated for best new comer by AVN.

    Dark skies are parting 😀

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