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  1. § Lord Bounty Email said on :
    I don’t pay a lot of attention, and writer’s don’t consider things like this, but I seem to recall it was once a month or so for the Cullens to go feeding, then the whole family split a single deer or bear.

    The three evil vampires in book 1 were dining on a person every day or two.

    So given one human per vampire per week, and a population of 300 vampires, what’s our time line like, and should we account for human/vampire breeding trends?
  2. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :
    Great comments.

    Given a 300 vampire population, and one human per week per vampire, there is 448,207 years worth of food.

    Now if the Cullens did eat humans, given your estimates let’s say they would split 2 humans per month (since most humans are smaller than your average bear)… they would go through the town of Forks in 130 years.

    These milder eating habits would definitely make it easier to hide a vampire population.

    Breeding is a little stickier though because Meyer didn’t set up any sort of vampire conversion limitations. They could theoretically convert as many vampires as they wanted.

    Unstoppable Killers x Unlimited Army = World Domination

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