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  1. § Susanne said on :
    Another superb post – keep it going! I love coming to this site!
  2. § Dean said on :
    fantastic article!

    I know these temporal paradoxes cause changes to the time-line, but when did it effect it that much that Marty became Mary? Have I now become a temporal anomaly?

  3. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :
    Marty could have totally changed which kind of sexual positions George was into, which could have totally altered his own conception. Thus resulting in a Mary.

    On a separate timeline, George and Lorraine would have to have recreate each sexual outing to the T to exactly replicate each kid.
  4. § Dean said on :
    great scott!…the time-line changed again!

    Don’t tell me you travelled back in time, suggested to the production team that the movie would work better with a Male lead, thereby changing the present, altering the text in this article so that Mary never existed?
  5. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :
    Erased from existence? This is heavy.
  6. § Pacrimgirl Email said on :
    Actually re:12 Monkeys, the scientists are not trying to stop the initial spread of the virus in the past, they are trying to get a sample of the original virus to take back to the future to develop a cure so mankind can re-surface. As Bruce Willis says himself in the movie “this is the past. this has already happened. how can I change what’s already happened?” Or something to that effect.
  7. § Paul Email said on :
    A question about BTTF2 that has always bothered me. How many Marty’s were there in the alternate 1985? Did Marty-A cease to exist at the Swiss Boarding School when the DeLorean came back?

    Same goes for Doc
  8. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :
    There shouldn’t be a problem with multiple Marty’s, any alternate McFlys would be erased.

    The bigger problem is Jennifer. They left her in an alternate 1985 and just assumed it would work out. Which is a pretty big assumption considering the alternative is being lost in time.

    However, BTTF establishes that there is a temporal snap back, meaning all objects from timeline A in timeline B get snapped back to timeline A should timeline B get destroyed. This is why the matchbook, newspaper, and photos change back to the original form when the time line is altered.

    The biggest problem with this is Marty himself, if objects change, Marty himself should instantaneously change to the alternate Marty and not retain the thoughts and memories of Marty prime.

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