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  1. § Kirby Email said on :
    Maybe Jeff Goldblum (or his character, at least) is secretly an alien!
  2. § InnerNerd6 Email said on :
    Thank you Wolfie, for answering yet another question from my 8-year-old self.
  3. § Rick “The Hat” Bman Email said on :
    “And then Jeff Goldblum Jeff Goldblummed the hell out of it…”

    That is one of the best lines I have heard in reference to Jeff Goldblum and it is so damn true.
  4. § Tony Buser Email said on :
    It wasn’t wifi. According to Wikipedia, the original version of the standard IEEE 802.11 was released in 1997. /pedant

    Obviously, he used 802.goldblum to upload the virus.
  5. § Daniel Schoffield said on :
    Thanks for posting this. It’s good information and frankly, a lot of it needed to be said.
  6. § Belle Alstad said on :
    Hey very nice blog!! Man .. Beautiful .. I have bookmarked your blog also…

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