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  1. § Kevin Marshall Email said on :
    First – big fan…keep up the great work and the awesome content flowing!

    As it would happen, Real Genius is one of my two favorite movies of all time (the other being Barry Gordon’s The Last Dragon of course)…and so I’ve seen it a million times…and while I agree about the ‘duh, of course it could be used for evil’ thing…the laser couldn’t have killed anyone when they fired it off because it was too high up in the air…assuming it’s traveling in a straight horizontal line (since it’s sitting flat on a table that’s parallel with the ground when it’s fired), you see in the scene when they check the tree that they have to climb up quite a bit to see through the hole…and at the hamburger joint the hole is in the sign way above the street…they are careful not to show the laser going through any other buildings (which would really be the only reasonable way that it could have hit a person — well assuming no other geniuses were standing on a random ladder around the campus for some odd reason)…

    Anyway – awesome stuff as usual…now I’m off to perfect ice that doesn’t melt…it goes directly to a gassious state (that is if I can just keep it from blowing up!)
  2. § InnerNerd6 Email said on :
    I think you validated the argument in the first couple lines of your post: Val Kilmer is awesome. That’s all that really matters in the movie Real Genius. And also, can’t forget about his performance in Tombstone. Other than that, great stuff as usual Wolfie!
  3. § Doug Email said on :
    erroneous! neither of those girls are cute. cute nerdy sidekick queen = zooey deschanel in hithchiker’s guide to the galaxy. adorable and capable of flying the most complicated space ship in existence with no training.

    don’t know if you’ve done it yet, but you should do a top 10 nerd girl characters. and there should obviously be emphasis on pictures of them looking super-fine
  4. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :
    Good point, Kevin. The laser was on an elevated angle, and got higher and higher. However, it could still hit buildings. And the initial point where the laser exists the lab would have been at head level and mildly dangerous, at least.

    And Doug I have written much on Zooey Deschanel and her charms:
    What I like about Michelle is that she’s a formative crush, this is who we base all crushes off of. Yes, looking back on it, she doesn’t hold up, but there’s still something I like about her.
  5. § xadrian Email said on :
    As much as I consider Real Genius a high watermark for Kilmer, I’m going to have to agree that Tombstone is his best movie. This is in regards to acting chops. I liked Real Genius better.

    I didn’t have a crush on Michelle, but she was cute and quirky and probably shaped my taste in women. However, I’m still going off the Mary Stuart-Masterson portrayal of Watts as my crush of the 80s. She was hard core and vulnerable, cool and a misfit, lovely face and horrid clothing. Eric Stoltz was a lucky dude.
  6. § Barry Email said on :
    The laser is sitting on a table, yes. So yeah, anyone passing through that courtyard would’ve died upon impact or been seriously injured which I’ll get into a second. I’ll agree, they should have had more concern over human safety than climbing trees and eating burgers.

    Furthermore, what’s weird is how the laser burned a hole through such high places. The table was no more than 4-5 feet off the ground and in the basement, I believe. Thus, it’s on a flat surface and possibly at a low elevation. How did it burn through a tree and a billboard at such a high elevation off the ground. It should have been a straight line, almost tripwire like, but for some reason angled upward. It couldn’t have bounced off of anything. The beam was hotter than the sun. It would burn the surface. That’s the confusing part.

    Also, Ken was in the room with them when the laser was fired and was bitching about his tracking mirror and not getting the job, so he was safe.

    Last, but not least, Jordan was hot and Real Genius is, seriously, one of the greatest films ever.

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