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  1. § J.M.S. Esq. Email said on :
    The most striking thing about Ms. Fishel is her prominent — aggressive, even — bosom. Where the female romantic leads on other teen sitcoms like the Wonder Years and Saved By The Bell were pre-pubescent cute or that asexual acne-medication-commercial attractive, Topanga was a big breasted earth mother of a crush. Dating characters on other sitcoms, in addition to never touching one another other than the occasional audience-woo-inducing-but-still-pretty-chaste smooch, gave the impression of being stored in some sex-free cabinet when not off screen. Topanga, when not cracking wise or acting as the boys’ externalized conscience, was definitely being groped.
  2. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :
    I haven’t seen a comment for the Esquire in quite a while, I’m glad Topanga’s large breasts stirred so much in you.
  3. § Dee Dee Supreme Email said on :
    Wasn’t Ms. Fishel just on the cover of People or something? She’s been out and about talking about how she loves her curves and is much happier now that she’s not starving herself to stay teen queen thin. But, really, Wolfie? R2D2? No robot has an aggressive bosom like Topanga. Not even Rosie.
  4. § Nix Email said on :
    Minkus is where it’s at
  5. § J.M.S. Esq. Email said on :
    It’s not my place to do it, hampered as I am by my near terminal gravitas, but I’m concerned that there is a Rosie’s robot breasts/motorboat joke opportunity here going unexploited.
  6. § Barry Email said on :
    Yeah!!! Danielle Fishel. Still have a crush on her to this very day and will check out The Dish whenever I come across it. Hell, I did a few days ago. I would say I like her more now than I did on Boy Meets World.
  7. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :
    And for those of you who don’t follow, possibly sleeping with a Savage brother is a factor in nerd love:


    I don’t know why this is, but Mr. Feeny, you’re next.
  8. § Doug Email said on :
    she was never cute. she still isn’t cute. i submit that she wasn’t even all that nerdy, more of an earth mother, crazy granola chomping flake.
  9. § runescape accounts Email said on :
    Thankiossk Cool!
  10. § pokerbot Email said on :
    I like R2D2 better…..

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