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  1. § Doug Email said on :
    What about when a girl who is 24 is cast as a young teen thus providing sex appeal without all the exploitation and pedofile concerns? Is that creepy?

    I call this the Ashley Tisdale Effect. She is the same age as me but plays young teens. Effective because she looks like a teenager but its OK to stare because you know shes actually 24.

    This is the opposite of the Ellen Page Effect. She looks like a little girl despite being close to 40 (thats right, right?) which is just weird.
  2. § Amber said on :
    There’s a whole episode of ‘The Wonder Years’ that revolves around how “aggressively” boobed Soleil Moon Frye was as a teen.

  3. § Barry Email said on :
    Kelly Kapowski…more like Kelly KaWOWski. Sorry, it had to be said. Anyway, the whole thing is weird and it seems like the bigger bust, the tighter the clothing especially in the case of Topanga. It’s a bit weird but viewers are viewers no matter the age and that’s all they care about which adds to the creepiness.

    As to Doug’s Ellen Page Effect, he has me wondering if she’ll always look like she’s 12. If so, she’ll be like Kirsten Dunst in Interview With The Vampire and start cutting her hair…oh wait, aren’t we too late for that and now her secret is out. She’s a 12 year old vampire.

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