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  1. § Marie Email said on :
    Oh, The Wolf, definitely.

    And I would totally tell my grandchildren about it. Not in *details* or anything, but they would be informed. They would have at least a small percentage of my genes in them, and thus they would surely be able to appreciate the delicious freakiness of their granny’s experience.
  2. § Nicki Email said on :
    I almost voted for Mick. There’s something about those jerks…mmm.. Anyway, I want to mention that Pamela was only interested in the Wolf because he was popular. She would then grew up fuckin’ old guys for their money.
  3. § Lindsay Email said on :
    Had to vote for Scott. Who doesn’t love MJF as Scott? Plus, it’s a wolf. That’s having sex with an ANIMAL. No thanks… Even though he is a pretty hot wolf. 🙂
  4. § N’jaila Rhee Email said on :
    Chubby, because chubbys need love too.
  5. § Mac Email said on :
    Mmm…bestiality. Then again, he is only HALF wolf, so is that only half bestiality?

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