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  1. § Darius Whiteplume Email said on :
    And if you bitched that Captain Sulu was excluded, you are a pain in the ass 😉

    Oops. Missed your last line before coming up with that pithy comment !
  2. § Darius Whiteplume Email said on :
    I love Sulu, btw.
  3. § Jason L. King Email said on :
    I love it…I’m not the die hard Trekie, but I had a great laugh at your insight again! I have always gravitated toward Kirk, there is something about Shatner.

    However, I almost want to switch to Sisko…”to boldly go where no man has gone before, by staying in the same spot.” – very clever!
  4. § John Email said on :
    I’m a Kirk, and I like what your analysis says about me.

    I also like Janeway quite a bit, but I’d like to think that I have functional equipment.

    This is the first quiz like this I’ve seen that included Pike. Good idea. He’s often left out.
  5. § Pat Email said on :
    What about Riker? Wasn’t he captain briefly when Picard was on the Borg?
  6. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :
    Don’t tell me you’ve never fantasied about luring in an innocent Trekkie girl with your Janeway sensitivity, only to Kirk her to curb once you’re done?

    Riker is just a water down Kirk. So, a Riker fan is just like a Kirk fan, only lesser in every way. Plus an affinity for beards.
  7. § Ox Email said on :
    Get your head out of your…blackhole.

    Was this article DESIGNED to be offensive?

    Whoever wrote this should be ashamed.
  8. § Amber Email said on :
    Though I agree that Captain Picard is “brimming with raw animal sexuality” he’s actually bald because his brain is so tremendous and full of pure electric genius that hair simply can’t grow on top of his head–it’s an inhospitable environment. And then, of course, his maternal grandfather was bald.
  9. § amoxicillin suppliers Email said on :
    tnx gr8 post

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