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  1. § Mart Email said on :
    Thanks for answering this age-old question! I’ve always said that if movie-spiderman’s webs are organic, it would have to come out of his butt. I cringe each time he shoots his web when I first saw the movie.

    Or maybe he just needs to get an orgasm to shoot it. 😛 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bgt350HU5s)
  2. § mariloche Email said on :
    i understand the mechanical webshooter’s appeal, i do, and at first i cringed at the idea of organic webs, but now i rather miss them. the most recognizable trait of spider biology is their ability to produce silk, different types of silk, all with different strengths and uses, and while it is interesting to have peter scientifically acheive this its still more in tune with the whole spider biology if he could produce it from within. it all comes down to how it is written, the quality of the stories. a good story should not be dependent on a web shooter’s origin. it should be noted though, just for science’s sake, that it has been discovered that tarantulas have silk nozzels on their legs to facilitate climbing, and that spitting spiders expel silk at high pressure and distance from silk glands in their chelicherate (mouth part) to trap and incapacite prey, its a trick that would make spidey proud. And actually the scientist in Spiderman tech concluded that an organic spinneret could be plausible if it followed the in its biological design our sublingual glands, that doesent mean organic web shooters have to be under the toung, it actually means that they could be located anywhere from the human body that has organs similar to those, so if spideys mutation allowed for the growth of similar albeit specialized glands in his forearms, he could theoretically squezee out webs the way we have always known while being biologically plausible. nice article by the way, your images of the mechanical web shooters are so good, im tempted to build one.

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