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  1. § John Harmonium Email said on :
    Absolument génial.

    La théorie la plus vraisemblable demeure à mon humble avis la Goldblummaction.

    A moins que le T-Rex n’ait subit une exposition aux rayons cosmiques et qu’il n’ait développé le pouvoir de Reed Richards – élastique – ce qui expliquerait qu’il est entré par la porte de 7ft sans la détruire.

    Le cinquième Fantastique en quelque sorte O_o …

    Whatever, congratulations.
    A french reader.

  2. § InnerNerd6 Email said on :

    God I love this blog. So, so much.
  3. § John Email said on :
    I’m going with dinosaur-shaped door. Just like the Master Shake-shaped door on Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
  4. § Jose Email said on :
    How about a fast weight loss plan? Like meth?
    It would help explain his irritability and bad skin
  5. § FishRockette Email said on :
    Or he just came in through that tarp covering the missing wall in the dining room area. Just saying. That may have only been in the book, but I think I clearly remember seeing it in the movie too…
  6. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :
    For those who don’t speak French, John said:

    Absolutely brilliant.

    The theory most likely remains in my humble opinion the Goldblummaction.

    Unless the T-Rex suffered exposure to cosmic rays and it developed the power of Reed Richards – elastic – which explains why it came through the 7ft door without destroying it.

    The fifth Fantastic somehow O_o …

    And I’m glad to see how far reaching the appeal of both Jurassic Park and Fantastic Four are… Not to mention Wolf Gnards!
  7. § Some Guy Email said on :
    F’ing hilarious. I lost my shit when that picture of Calvin as a T-Rex in a fighter came up.

    Also, here’s one:

    Right as everything goes to hell the T-Rex consumes the goat, dribbles food on the car, then comes crashing through the gate.

    Hijinks ensue.

    Suddenly, the T-Rex hoists the car up on the wall and knocks it off a 50 foot drop.

    Through the same f’ing hole he walked through not 10 minutes before.

    Bam. Gone.

  8. § Harris Email said on :
    The obvious answer is that he smashed through a wall that you never see. The rex is a pretty dumb dino so I doubt he could master any complex gestures to get into the building. They didn’t show the destroyed wall because it would show more of the failures of an already failed theme park…
  9. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :
    I do think the T-Rex shaped hole in the wall represents smashing through the wall.

    Though you would think crashing through a wall would make a noticeable sound. If it’s one thing Kool-Aid Man knows it’s how to make a flashy entrance.
  10. § Ralph Mcguffin said on :
    This blog make me laugh ’til I pee.

    This one’s easy though. Drumroll please…………………………………………………………………………………….

    He came in through a plot hole!

  11. § Train the Trainer Email said on :
    I agree with Harris, as awesome as flying in a jet plane and parachuting in would be, I think the Kool-Aid Man approach is the most likely. I bet they just didn’t want to smash up the set on-camera, that’s all.

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