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  1. § Darius Whiteplume Email said on :
    Man. Out of work Trek stars can be really assy. I’d bet Sir Patrick Stewart wouldn’t even acknowledge so slight of a slight.
  2. § Gina said on :
    I read what you wrote previously and while I didn’t think you were an expert on this actor’s activities, I *did* think you were implying something. I’ve been to fan conventions and have seen actors behaving inappropriately so I was disappointed that this might be a credible rumor. I’m glad it’s not. I think it’s OK that Picardo’s reps said something. They didn’t sound disrespectful, just assertive. It would have been nice to see a real apology.
  3. § Gus Email said on :
    This is ridiculous. A formal apology is not needed. Mr. Picardo is a celebrity and therefore his life is open to speculation. I for one would have liked to see Mr. Picardo’s hollow threats go through. “Step it up” – to what? Are you seriously pretending you would have gone to court over someone eluding to the fact that an actor might have female fans? Complete idiocy. My real assumption is his MARKETING team contacted you, pretending to sound lawyerly. Freedom of speech. This was not slander.
  4. § cosmogenium Email said on :
    Let me know when Jeri Ryan’s ass shows up to beat you silly. THAT I would even pay to see, since I love her and all her parts as well.
  5. § N’jaila Rhee Email said on :
    Well played, I tip my pimp hat to thee.

  6. § Ann Email said on :
    Best apology ever. Bravo.
  7. § LexiBadger Email said on :
    Wtf? Anyone who took that single sentence about this Picardo guy to be an actual *rumour* needs to have their brain checked. Hi, it’s a nerd blog… not god damn TMZ. The Nards wrote an entire paragraph about how Jeff Goldblum saved the world from aliens. Gosh, is that a real too? Someone better go tell Jeff Goldblum!
  8. § RagazzaD Email said on :
    I wonder how many restraining orders Mr. Picardo has against his “staff?”
  9. § Justin Riddik Email said on :
    Makes you wonder who has the gnards, surly not the person who wrote this so called open apology, all this is doing is bringing his fans closer to his side and laughing at yours. But I wonder if that wasn’t the original intent, attention comes in all forms. If Picardo has any gnards he will be sitting back and laughing at all this, and the comments well they are the most funniest, from soups to nuts. Picardo and his camp are getting all the recognition and having all your gnards for lunch.
  10. § Ernest “Borg” “Nine” Email said on :
    As a personal friend of Mr. Picardo, I can attest to the fact he is a very nice, professional person and a loving family man. What was said in this article may not have meant to cause any harm, but some may have taken the “implicaiton” to heart. I would no more want something like that said about a member of my own family or close friend. Yes, it was in jest, but celebrities, good or bad, are still people as well. Not knowing a person “persoanally” does not give you the freedom to assess their extra curricular activities wheather on film or in real life. I’m sure, as stated before, no harm was intended. But keep in mind you are taking reference to a person you do not know personally. For those of us who have to rare privlidge to be close to the caliber of people we choose to associate with, yes, we are protective of them, just as we would anyone close to us who are the target of suggestion or assumption. The apology was gracious and I feel sincere. Well done.
  11. § cromulentgeek Email said on :
    There was no need for an apology. There was no implication made in the post. It was an expressed desire to see certain activity. How this could be construed as a rumor is beyond me. I like the idea of George Lucas making an Old Republic movie. Does this somehow imply that such a movie is in the works? No. I like the idea of George Lucas directing CG-laden porn. Is this statement offensive and harmful to Lucas? I don’t think so. I think it says more about me than him. But I’ll wait for his lawyers to let me know.

    Did I read the post and think it implied drunken debauchery on Picardo’s part? No. But even if I had, I would have recognized it as satire. As a public figure, Picardo is fair game for satire and parody. Should any person seek to avoid public attention, speculation, jokes, or other mentions I humbly suggest not being a goddamn actor.

    I keep hearing that Picardo is a nice, kind family man. I have only hearsay on that point. I see no reason to disagree and I accept it partially. But I do seem to have some direct evidence of a lack of humor, lack of self-perception, and an impulse to engage in general assholery.

    I’m going to try to ignore that a request for a retraction was made. I also saw Picardo as a high point in Voyager and have experienced such a frisson at seeing him in subsequent roles that people who lack my fandom can’t understand. I’m going to try to not let his reaction here tarnish that fandom. I have, so far, formed no opinion of Robert Picardo as a man. I rarely think about actors outside of their performances. It’s like thinking about authors beyond their books. Who gives a shit?. But he’s forming an opinion for me now. I’m going to try to continue seeing him as a blank slate; I hope he (or his handler) allows me to do so.
  12. § GrandEclectus Email said on :
    I wrote a whole send up of Voyager slash fic just so I could use the line “Please state the nature of your sexual emergency.” (It’s a JOKE, ya see what I did there?)

    I assure Mr. Picardo that no-one thinks the lessor of him from a silly comment on a fan blog in the ocean of words that is the internet, but gee, what great publicity for you Wolfgnards! Congrats!

    I would never have even been aware of the blog w/o this attention, tho I do follow on twitter.

    I admire and respect Mr. Picardo. He is a brilliant actor and was a bright spot in the Series of Missed Opportunities that was Voyager.

    I hope he and his people can learn to take this sort of thing with a grain of salt. It’s not as if you’ve based a whole blog on the premise that he is that way or set about a campaign of defamation. If that were the case, then the reaction would fit the crime, but that is NOT the case.

    Reminds me of something that was said to Shatner when he pulling off the make-up for the “Deadly Years” in the blooper reel: “Well son, ya wanted show business, ya got it.”
  13. § xadrian Email said on :
    Can you respond with an email demanding an apology for Star Trek: Voyager?
  14. § J.M.S. Esq. Email said on :
    I agree with the position articulated by Mr. E. B. Nine — and I believe it is an entirely supported by both the law and common sense — that no person should ever be able to write or say anything about any other person, be they (the subjects of the statements. Or, I suppose, the writers/speakers) celebrities in the public discourse or not. News and opinion pieces should be limited to recitations of objectively accurate facts incapable of carrying implications of anything potentially untrue, be such implications positive or negative.

    For example, an editorial on Roman Polansky’s detention in Switzerland in connection to his conviction in the United States for sexual crimes against a minor would go thusly:

    “A 76 year old Polish man is in Switzerland.”

    That way, close personal friends of Roman Polansky would be able to enjoy the wan reflected limelight of associating themselves with celebrities without having to suffer the unbearable psychological trauma of hearing less than appropriately obsequious comments made about that celebrity and thereby being forced to write vaguely threatening and grammatically stunted letters to bloggers in order to speak Truth to Power. Think about it.
  15. § J.M.S. Esq. Email said on :
    Also, did you know that Robert Picardo is an anagram of “Poor Brat Cried”? And that I would never, ever have known and publicized this true, totally implication-free, but somehow relevant-in-this-conversation fact had some Picardo devotee not come screaming out of the woodwork to complain on behalf of an extremely minor celebrity about pretty much the most gentle and oblique ribbing a person can receive? The world is a funny place.
  16. § Justin Riddik Email said on :
    All this is so extremely funny, not only have all of you come screaming out of the woodwork with your comments and opinions, but Picardo’s camp have taken, as you say a extremely minor celebrity into now receiving all this attention I applaud them. All of you have given him marketing tools, for free. This all should have been kept quiet with a small couple of word apology, now you all have blown it out of the water and given him the edge on it all. Publicity now rules .
  17. § J.M.S. Esq. Email said on :
    I don’t know that I’d consider this a diabolically clever PR coup for Picardo since (1) it’s put him (or at least the apparent lunatic who runs his website) in an unflatteringly petty light, and (2) it has been entirely contained within a single post on what is, no offense to Mr. Gnards intended, a pretty narrow niche website. The topic hasn’t been picked up anywhere else at all. I don’t think a single post from a single blogger with a whopping total of seventeen comments by a massive fourteen individual human beings will be the shot in the arm that rockets Picardo from pretty much total obscurity into the limelight of very nearly total obscurity. That miracle would probably take more than fourteen people being reminded that he still, in fact, exists.
  18. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :
    To Justin:
    Really!? I’ve been lead to believe that Robert Picardo is a happy married man, so I doubt very much that he wants my gnards in his mouth. Although, you probably know him better than I do.

    Still, I think Mr. Picardo deserves a notified letter of apology from yourself.

    To JMS:
    If certain parties could understand or appreciate sarcasm, I don’t think any of this would have happened to begin with. Thanks for trying though.

    To my 14 fans (actually 11):
    Thanks for all the support. JMS thinks you’re small, but I think you’re just right.

    To Robert Picardo:
    I wish only the best. There’s no vendettas or ill will on my side. If any of this gives you publicity, you deserve it. Although, I would keep an eye out on what employees do or say in your name.
  19. § karen Email said on :
    Aw, I love Bob Picardo but I always imagined he had a sense of humor 🙁

  20. § Jadzia Email said on :
    Picardo’s response to this entire kerfuffle has made me lose respect for him. It’s petty. The post was a joke. On a blog. Anyone who would read it and take it seriously has issues. When you decide to become a public figure, you have to take the potshots with the applause. Sucks to be you (and Paris, and Britney, and Lindsay, and Brangelina, and…).
  21. § d Email said on :
    My hat is tipped to you Mr. Nard. You opened my eyes to Robert Picardo. When I first read your article I wanted to go and join the pagent just to possibly meet him, maybe have a drink and then who knows….I do believe he is a fine actor but I will now keep my distance to avoid the backlash of his “people” Keep up the fine work mr Nard…..
  22. § Supervisor Jim Lahey said on :
    The law is on the Wolf’s side in every way, as Mr. Picardo has made a career as a public figure and thus forfeits many of the protections afforded private citizens under libel law. The threats in the letter are completely hollow, at least from a legal/libel perspective.

    On the other hand, the Nardster’s joke was a rather pathetic effort at wit with no particular cultural or humorous resonance, and we all know not one of us here truly even chuckled aloud at it — okay, somebody had to say it & there, I said it — so it’s hard to fathom devoting so much wind & whine to defending a line of such neglible literary value.

    A genuinely funny line, I might understand, but going to battle over a weak-ass 5-word fartpuff like that one? You don’t come off like a free-speech defender, you come off like a deluded little doucheplug.

    Me, I’d have just gone back and taken the damn phrase out … maybe substituted the character’s name for the actor’s name as a compromise if my panties still felt in danger of binding… then I’d have written Picardo back to tell him he owes me a drink. And never thought about the incident again.

    Who knows, might have even been the start of a beautiful friendship — and certainly would’ve reserved my energies for a battlefield worthy of the shedding of blood.

    ah well you go get em tiger rrrrarrr
  23. § Tyrone Email said on :
    I love how when you read this thread a month later, you can see who was Picardo and who was an Atty for Picardo LoLz.

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