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  1. § RCox Email said on :
    what about Rosanne?
  2. § Bry Email said on :
    You forgot the ultimate fat guy/hot chick pairing: Fred and Wilma Flintstone! I mean really, how does a fat caveman who works in a quarry get the hot skinny redhead in real life? Kevin James owes his career to one Fred Flintstone.
  3. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :
    Flintstones is a great one! I definitely should have mentioned it, I even wrote it down but it must have slipped my mind. However, The Flintstones are essentially a rehash of The Honeymooners, but with more dinosaurs and less wife beating related humor. The ultimate fat guy nod definitely goes to Jackie Gleason.

    The Coxinator:
    Rosanne is much like a fat guy herself. Except , she’s designed not to put down male viewers, but to make them feel better about their respective wives. As in, “I hate my wife, but at least she’s not Rosanne.”
  4. § Mike Email said on :
    Nice post, Wolfie (I read your blog often enough now that I feel comfortable giving you a pet name) on a very true phenomenon. I think you forgot to mention, though, an important part of this chemistry: namely, the utter stupidity/numskullery/doofusitude of the male characters in these shows. Their disturbing yet hilarious lack of intelligence often sets up a lot of the jokes and plots, and conversely, when the woman has her own rare moment of absentmindedness, it’s a chance for the man to rub it in her face — and more comedy ensues. Credit to my wife for pointing this out every time I watch “King of Queens”.
  5. § Kev Email said on :
    I am a fat guy, married to a hot chick.

    And I gotta say, King of Queens? The wife in that show is SMOKIN’!
  6. § soft nonsense Email said on :
    Have there been many that have come out super recently? I remember 8 Simple Rules used to be like that before John Ritter died…

    And ditto to Kev.
  7. § D Email said on :
    I am a pretty hot chick, and I find myself attracted to the Douglas Heffernan type. I think it is realistic, but what about the fat chicks, they never have the hot husband. Rosanne had Dan.
  8. § Nitin S. Email said on :
    While you make accurate observations about tv fat guys and their hot wives, I completely disagree with yout conclusions.

    I don’t think there is a massive, sinister conspiracy going on. There is a trend that that guy’s are unattractive, while their women are hot.

    But if a person is making personal decisions based on what they are seeing on TV, then that’s foolish, and its their own fault. Such people who have self-esteem issues need family and friends around them to help get through difficult phases.

    I’m sure most tv audiences are mature and intelligent enough, like yourself, to know that this TV is not completely accurate when it comes to real life.
  9. § bmorekid Email said on :
    I think someones mad cause they got there gf stolen by a fat guy. Seriously you looking deeper into the subject matter how is a fat guy with a hot girl degrading? it’s not. I’m not a fat guy so it isn’t something that offend me. But what does bother me is that this article makes no sence it seems as if your just taking a shot at over weight men for a personal reason so it only leads me to believe something has happend to you that was brought by a fat guy, so you feel that need to take it out on anyone that is overweight. It’s the same as someone getting there gf stolen by a black or hispanic man and then they go on hating blacks and hispanis for the rest of there life for no reason. What pisses me off about this is that your stating “the underdogs” will never get laid or what not I am infact a underdog many people never believed in me. But I’ve gotten along just fine in the end the underdog does win. I don’t know where you have been but it’s not just movies or tv it’s real life. Theres to much proof to deny it, I’ve seen it hundreds of times. thats all I have to say

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