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  1. § Mike Email said on :
    Wolfgnards… you’ve done it again. This is fantastic and it makes perfect sense now. Thanks for the Kudos.
  2. § Jay Goges Email said on :
    this is brilliant man – nice work
  3. § soft nonsense Email said on :
    I sat here in my school’s library for a good minute straight laughing at the graphic, particularly the “poop” portion.

    God I need some sleep. But great stuff as always!
  4. § Jacob Martin Email said on :
    I watched this last night to prepare myself for the Australian made film Wake In Fright by the same director, Ted Kotcheff. That’s right, he also directed not just Weekend at Bernie’s but Wake in Fright and the first Rambo movie, First Blood. All three films I own on some kind of disc format. Wake in Fright is known overseas as “Outback” – the lost grindhouse film from the 1970s that was recently rediscovered.

    Your analysis of this movie brings a smile to my face because I have a love hate relationship with Weekend at Bernie’s but in noticing the links between Kotcheff’s films you notice it all starts with Wake in Fright – then he hits it big with First Blood (also adapted from a novel like Wake in Fright was) and finally Weekend at Bernie’s which I noticed is eerily similar to Wake in Fright in the apathy the partygoers have towards the fact that Bernie is dead.

    The point of Bernie being dead is more plausible as a stylistic choice in this context – Kotcheff already did a “drunk and disorderly men with nothing but gambling and beer to revel in” film, so in actual fact if you look at both Wake in Fright and Weekend at Bernie’s – you’ll notice very similar stylistic choices about why the director made both films.

    Wow. One week boning up on cinema turned me into a real nerd, didn’t it?
  5. § John Farrier Email said on :
    I’ve attended a few patient deaths at a hospital. It’s amazing how quickly the body changes after death — even within a couple of minutes.

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