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  1. § Phineas Delgado Email said on :
    I think you are overlooking the obvious answer. Ghosts that can manifest themselves physically (i.e affect objects in the physical plane as opposed to just appearing and disappearing) must coexist on at least some level with material objects. In this case it’s the ectoplasm.

    So, in the case of Peter being slimed, the non-corporeal ghost zooms toward Peter, manifests itself physically and attacks, passing through Peter in the process and knocking him over. ONly the non-physical aspect of the ghost passes through, which would leave Peter unharmed. The ectoplasm, though, since it only exists in the physical plane, cannot pass through, and thus covers Peter (and the wall when Ray chased him).

    A ghost that manifest within a person would likely just possess them, and thus, not create any ectoplasm as a by-product.

    At least that’s what THIS geek thinks.
  2. § Jonathan Email said on :
    I think Phineas’ post makes a lot of sense. Of course, it’s kind of subjective, considering nobody really knows the science of ghosts, which may remain the case until scientists start giving the matter some credibility instead of just assuming such things are dellusions or whatever…
  3. § kevinj319 said on :
    I agree with Phineas. The energy that makes up the ghost may be able to pass through objects or people but the ectoplasm itself would be sloughed off on the outside of that object or person.

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