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  1. § Patrick Campbell said on :
    Brilliant post. Very thought provoking.
  2. § soft nonsense Email said on :
    Hilarious, dead on, and oddly deep all at the same time. Great stuff as always Wolfie.
  3. § Marie Email said on :
    “Normandy Belloq and the Liberators of the Lost Ark”. So much love for this. “Normandy” would totally be Belloq’s adventurer alias. Great call, Wolfie, and a great article!

  4. § Indiana Jim Email said on :
    I am terribly offended. My fedora crumples. 🙁
  5. § MJ Email said on :
    Thank you for acknowledging the number of times Indiana states that history belongs in a museum. Although this was the current anthropological and archaeological theory at the time, it lead to a collectionist free-for-all where anything and everything that could be carried was taken. Anthropology is still trying to get over the guilt from that. I couldn’t agree more with how opposing that makes Belloq at least somewhat more heroic than Jones.
  6. § doug Email said on :
    How dare you, sir? Indy is perhaps one of the greatest American heroes behind cliff secort and every character leslie neilson ever played. You sir, are a Nazi loving, idol stealing, godless blogger. I hope harrison ford finds you and shoots first.
  7. § Grethe Boe Email said on :
    As you’ve proven well, it’s all in the eye of the beholder. Indy and Belloq are really quite alike — with the big difference that Belloq cheats at the wrong things at the wrong moments.

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