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  1. § Kirby Email said on :
    Obviously, it was a parade to benefit the Save Ferris fund, a major charity movement at the time.
  2. § soft nonsense Email said on :
    You’re in Chicago?! Now I’ll have to stalk you.

    When you posed the question, I thought gay pride parade immediately as well, but I think Kirby nailed it.
  3. § PinkSith Email said on :
    Obviously John Hughes took the Oliver Stone course in Continuity. (Remember Wall Street where Gecko Mentions NASA Stock?!? and the sun rising in the West?) Regardless of the timing of the parade, baseball is still played in September and kids talk about graduating throughout their senior year. Danke Schoen
  4. § Kalibrasyon servis Email said on :
    thank you very much ……..
  5. § largebill Email said on :
    You’re concerned about the parade? Really? I’ve always wondered what Cameron’s dad did when he got home. Great movie regardless
  6. § Dave Email said on :
    The parade scene was filmed during the Von Steuben Day Parade in Chicago. I only know this because I recently recreated the scene in the Vancouver Pride Parade. check it out here…
  7. § MAmeres Email said on :
    Join us in nyc on 9/25 for this year’s parade!
  8. § Seattle Chiropractic Email said on :
    Oh. seems like you loved festivals and occasions. I remember my friend and i joined parade last year.
  9. § Suzzy Email said on :
    Parades are prolly the best outdoor entertainments
  10. § Don Email said on :
    I love parades!
  11. § Willa Wilshire said on :
    It is a very good blog. I really like it. Very interesting information. Thanks.

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