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  1. § Bryan Email said on :
    Definitely agree on the Alan Moore point. Honestly, it’s spilled into movies, too. IMHO, it’s what made the Watchmen movie not *nearly* as good as it could have been. Thanks to movies like the newest Superman, Batman Begins, and several others, even moviegoers are now completely used to the idea that their heroes are, at their heart, ego-maniacal sociopaths–if we’re lucky. The shock that we all felt reading The Watchmen for the first time has long since worn off, and since then, it’s pretty much been just a continuous beating of a very dead horse…
  2. § Margaret Email said on :
    I tend to think of Superhero rags as the cotton candy of my pull list – when they’re something other than kinda meh, I get excited. I suppose I have generally low expectations for them which keeps me from getting pissed off.

    That said, I agree with this entire post. The only one I tend to just accept as *never* going away is the multiverse(s).
  3. § PinkSith said on :
    Well written. I agree, I’m not really a fan of DC comics because of the multiverse thing. Oh and the comic book as a collectors item was part of the greed of the 90’s that I wish would go away. A Comic or book for that matter should be read and appreciated, not put in a plastic sleeve never to be touched. That’s just sad and a waste of talent, energy and paper.
  4. § Shennandoah Diaz Email said on :
    Great article–very well written. The multiverse thing has always aggravated me. If you build a world correctly from the ground up and create complicated characters, then multiverses are unnecessary.

    Just like any medium, comic books need to be created to be enjoyed. As a writer I don’t write hoping my book will end up in a glass case somewhere. I write because its compulsive and I want to share these crazy ideas with the world in the hopes that they may, even in some small way, change the way people view the world. That’s what I Iook for in comics. I don’t care what the long term “value” is monetarily. I want to know is this comic going to take me somewhere new? Is it going to challenge the way I think? And no, I’m not looking for “clean” content or more trench coats.

    By the way, I find it funny that 1) I own every single one of those variant covers (I had a subscription at the time) and 2) someone else made a monster squad reference –“Wolf man’s got gnards”

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