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  1. § Doug Email said on :

    How could you forget Andross from Star Fox 64 and Jor-El from Superman?


  2. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :

    I can’t believe I left Jor-El off the list! He was someone I was thinking about before I even started the list. I would go back and fix it, but you deserve the points for pointing it out.

    As for Andross, he was on the list but removed him. He’s too much like Sinistar, but I thought Sinistar was a little more iconic.

  3. § Shawn Robare Email said on :

    I’ve always been partial to Dr. Carl Hill from RE-Animator and Ash from Alien…

  4. § J. Harmonium Email said on :

    Seriously guys… what about Pierce Brosnan in Mars Attack ? Don’t you remember the most amasing kiss between two disembodied heads ?

    Best kiss scene ever.

    Come one Gnards, don’t tell us it isn’t as good as Robin Williams lovely flying head…


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