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  1. § Syrin Email said on :
    Maybe it’s because I technically saw Bogus Journey first, but I love and appreciate it just as much as the first film. Sure, it’s ridiculous, but it’s also funny which is the important part.

    I never thought about the whole “clock is always running” catch. And technically, De Nomolos should also be aware that he already lost but I guess he was just so arrogant that he thought he was going to do it differently.

    One thing about the first movie I never understood: In the beginning, the leaders tell Rufus to go right then because “they’re separation is imminent.” If you’re traveling back to the past, why does it matter that Rufus went then? He could have gone at any time, right?
  2. § Thom Email said on :
    People can slam Bogus Journey as much as they like, but William Stadler’s Grim Reaper is pure comic genius. “Best of seven?” “Damn right!” But the darker moments and playing too much with the timeline definitely stopped it from being as good as the original.
  3. § محطم Email said on :
    The movie like this make me confused.
  4. § Tommy Salami Email said on :
    I love Bogus Journey. Watching them both back to back, it improves on the original in almost every way. William Sadler steals the show, and De Nomolos is one of the best comic villains. Situp Champion! It’s great that he was also the bad guy in Lethal Weapon 2.
    A fine article explaining almost everything.
    Easiest answer? They died, and are thus immune from the laws of time.
  5. § jaw crusher Email said on :
    Clock in San Dimas is always running clock in other countries are also always running, never stop.
  6. § Crowbar Email said on :
    Because the time machine only travels in increments of days as is explained by Rufus:
    Bill: Yeah, except how come the number for San Dimas brought us here instead of to tomorrow, Rufus.
    Rufus: Because in San Dimas it is tomorrow, William. You have to dial one number higher.

    See? 😉
  7. § Dean Email said on :
    I have to agree that I never believed Bogus Journey to be worse than Excellent adventure. Both are most excellent movies and I have to agree with Tommy Salami on the basis that they died.

    Can’t we also use the theory from the last Star Trek movie , and their death caused the destruction of the existing time-line and creating a new one. That might also explain why they could use a cover to win battle of the bands

    You may be a King or a Simple Road sweeper, but sooner or later, you dance with the Reaper.

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