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  1. § 3amfright Email said on :
    Agreed! Even in the original Howling people still kept their clothes on. FYI, Twilight scares me too.
  2. § Roxarita Email said on :
    It’s true about the Twilight werewolves tying their pants onto their legs – to which I say WTF?

    Images that aren’t scary: werewolves with pants tied to their legs.
  3. § Werewolf News Email said on :
    Follow-up issue: werewolves who keep their pants on somehow manage to shred their pant legs from the knees down, but the waist is always intact, often with a buckled belt and a half-tucked-in shirt. Why is this? Do werewolves get the Popeye effect on their calves while maintaining a nice hourglass figure?
  4. § Carrie Email said on :
    As I recall from Angel, the chick who turned wolfy (in season 5, yes I need a life) thoughtfully removed and folded her clothes before the change. That way her clothes were neat and guys got to see a half-naked chick. Only a woman would think ahead like this, as were-men probably think the were-women will just clean up their messes for them.
  5. § Tence Email said on :
    The werewolves in twilight hide pants around the forest and they don’t wear any shirts because they have a higher body temperature than humans.They also don’t wear shoes because they will rip them to shreds.
  6. § trituradoras Email said on :
    “If it’s good enough for Team Banner, it’s good enough for you.” it’s good! thanks
  7. § S Email said on :
    I like the way the Werewolf RPGs handle the issue: since some of the wolves there are in tune to shamanic magic, they can enchant pants to meld with their bodies and emerge when they change back.

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