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  1. § Z. Email said on :
    The Great Sleeper is everywhere, Wolfy. Case in point: http://blogs.evtrib.com/nerdvana/2010/10/16/scooby-doo-and-cthulhu-too/
  2. § Dwight Cthulhu MacPherson Email said on :
    BLASPHEMY! Lord Cthulhu will eat your soul!

    Then again, he may just turn over in his sleep.
  3. § Ruth Email said on :
    I actually like Lovecraft’s stories, even though they’re definitely problematic on some fronts. As for Cthulhu? He sticks in your head. One could hypothesize that this is all because Cthulhu’s actually on the verge of rising and has been sending out vibes to the sensitive people (geeks).
  4. § Gene George Email said on :
    The other thing is that the collaborative nature of the Lovecraft circle encouraged the cross purposing of Cthulhu mythos books and creatures. From the very beginning Lovecraft, Bloch, Derleth, Howard, et al. were using each other’s concepts and creations in their own work. Cthulhu is really sorta analog open source.
  5. § Jose Email said on :
    YES! Great article. I totally identify with the metal/D&D angle. I grew up playing D&D and listening to metal and I’m not ashamed to admit that metal bands got me into a lot of writers I’d otherwise maybe not hear. Anthrax w/Stephen King, Metallica with Lovecraft, Iron Maiden + Frank Herbert etc. More recently – Cradle of Filth had a song called “Cthulu Dawn”
  6. § Tommy Salami Email said on :
    I like Lovecraft’s stories, but I think people like Cthulhu is because they see it in print and don’t know how to pronounce it, so they feel dumb, and have to look it up, and then they pretend to like it, and then eventually they DO like it.
  7. § spookyparadigm Email said on :
    Because it’s real? 🙂

  8. § George Email said on :
    I was wondering the same thing, how did Cthulu get so popular? So I downloaded the audio book to check it out. It’s actually a pretty cool story, but I still don’t understand how it got to what it is today. perhaps people just like tentacled beasts?
  9. § vince Email said on :
    a cthulu based webcomic

  10. § Pharmacy Tech Email said on :
    nice post..thank you
  11. § RangerMatthias Email said on :
    I’m a huge fan of Lovecraft, and Cthulhu is his most famous creation, but to be honest; I didn’t care much for the Call of Cthulhu story. It was okay, but The Colour Out of Space and At the Mountains of Madness are much better reads.
  12. § ibejeph Email said on :
    Nice post and well said.

    I wasn’t part of the “in” crowd who knew Lovecraft before he sold out and became popular.

    I devoured sci-fi/fantasy books in my youth but I never heard of Lovecraft until a few years ago…whenever The Internet mandated the use of Cthulhu puns every other post.

    I found The Call of Cthulhu to be a pretty good story but I found At the Mountains of Madness to be more journey then destination, and not in a good way.

    Still, the idea of elder gods is intriguing. Thanks poster guy (or girl) above, I’ll start The Colour out of Space tonight.
  13. § portable crusher Email said on :
    The cthulhu is just kidding
  14. § Grozio salonas said on :
    Lol. It’s a real man :-).
  15. § Donovan Chaffin Email said on :
    I love reading Lovecraft.
    My girlfriend, on the other hand, says it’s like reading medical journals because he writes too “technically”.
  16. § Zombiecarter Email said on :
    I read a lot of Lovecraft. Even when I don’t love the story I’m reading, I find I still love the ideas that I get when I’m reading it.

    I think that’s where Lovecraft’s potential shines. The execution may be flawed sometimes, but the inspiration if amazing.
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