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  1. § Soft Nonsense Email said on :
    Man, this post hit a home run on so many levels….plus a between-the-lines Pete & Pete reference with the “little Viking” talk.

    Or I just put that in there to satiate my nostalgia factor.

    Either way, great post.
  2. § Dan Isaacs Email said on :
    Is TS Ditka your team? My team name is Mini Ditkas!

    All Hail Ditka!
  3. § Jose Email said on :
    A+++ post!
    – the heavy metal band Amon Amarth, are named after a Tolkien reference.
    – I’m hispanic American, but I get really pumped singing along to “I am a Viking” from Yngwie Malmsteen, maybe we are all vikings – sorta like how everyone’s Irish on St. Pat’s.
    – I’ve never been a jock, always disliked them, but now that I see they are cousins I raise my cup to them.
    Hail! Geek cousins!
  4. § Joey Email said on :
    Hahahah, dude you crack me up. Your clever blending of fact and joke are unreal. Props to you, metal enthusiast. True geek, you are.
  5. § Barry Email said on :
    You are so spot on about heavy metal combining all of us especially if you look at a band like Slipknot. Some of them were jocks and and some are definitely geeks. I’m sure one of them is probably Nordic as well.

    I love this article because it’s so true. The only other thing that probably binds all three are beards and this, I know from experience.
  6. § san diego auto glass Email said on :
    I believe, the most honest statement i’ve read.

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