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  1. § windshield repair quotes Email said on :
    So sexy!
  2. § 3amfright Email said on :
    It’s a shame all the vegans & vegetarians I know refuse to shave. I can handle the no meat, no dairy, no anything that breaths except chomping on a crying leaf after it’s been pulled from the ground but not shaving?! That excess hair is your body screaming in starvation. All those hot nude vegans must have had some serious prep work before shoots & demonstrations. Or they secretly hit up McDonalds. 😉 Great post!
  3. § Bryan Email said on :
    Two words: Sex. Sells.

    Of course, most of the vegetarian/vegans I know are women, so…umm, yeah…
  4. § Bosu Balance Trainer Email said on :
    I don’t get all these nakedness that PETA does either. Yes, I understand sex sells. But I highly doubt that people are actually becoming vegetarian because of all these naked advertisement.

    It only confirms the fact that most people who do go vegetarian are a little bit weird..
  5. § buggerallthis Email said on :
    Great post. I always thought it was kind of strange to protest the exploitation of animals through the exploitation of women.
  6. § Stephanie Purtle Email said on :
    The Pam Anderson one is particularly stupid and disturbing. The whole cannibalism point of view is lost by the act of them treating her (and all these other women) as if they are in fact pieces of meat. So it’s okay to treat women like pieces of meat, as long as you don’t eat it?
  7. § Bryan Email said on :
    Apparently, it seems.
  8. § Dan Email said on :
    The porn industry does not exploit women… Women exploit the porn industry. They get paid to have cameras all over their smooth, sexy, skin. They earn an income off of the very fact that most guys find it very hard to have everything at their fingertips and not type in nude or sex next to half their searches. I agree that the peta ads are probably not too effective, but damn, they’re hot. Yes, hot.
  9. § bras/ panties Email said on :
    Those are good pictures but i really can’t be vegetarian is so difficul i need beef.
  10. § hollyholsten Email said on :
    great post… vegetarians are more conscious and this goes in tandem with more liberal views… those naked ads just wouldnt look the same if they advertised beef or pork lol
  11. § Eris forseeith Email said on :
    Vegans are the rulers of murderers life and death, everything Watch out! Dont provoke a vegan who has power of the earth. Youll find an early demize. No joke. Welcom too maahee erth. Naoo go aa wA. Magneto. Sum baahdee is goeen to chok aahn a chickN bon too dA. Haah haah haah haah. Maaheet thA rest in pEses. aahl hAl eris keeng aaf discordEaa. Worshup mE for I am gaahds faahther and faahther of thuh erth.
  12. § S my D Email said on :
    Vegetarians are [broad statement].
  13. § dresses Email said on :
    So Sexy!Great figure

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