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  1. § Zoe Email said on :
    Lame. Is this supposed to be humour?
  2. § Elvira Email said on :
    HA! Satire! Irony! Sarcasm. All alive and well in this post. Thank you. This made me laugh. I like the deprogramming steps. Beer is always the answer. Too bad another reader who commented didn’t have a sense of humor.
  3. § Cromulentgeek Email said on :
    I was just talking about some of this yesterday. We have too many cyclists in Austin because the place is crawling with neo-hippies. Always demanding to be treated like a car on the roads. A car that passes everyone at a red light and then blows throughout it.

    Riding anbike because you can’t afford an electric vehicle but hate what gas cars do to the environment, I’m with you. Ride a bike because you want to talk about how everyone should ride a Nike but only you do? You must be stopped. And I don’t car that you were doing it before everyone else or that you got the inspiration from a band I never heard of. Carless hipsters.
  4. § Tommy Salami Email said on :
    I thought this was pure fact, no satire involved at all. It is a glorious thing to be a pedestrian in cities where bicyclists have learned it is their right to be a douche because drivers are douchie as well. Their smugness knows no bounds. A bicyclist columnist for the NY times was excoriated for daring to question the validity of “salmoning,” or biking against the flow of traffic because hey, one way streets are for cars, and bikers can ride on whatever side of the street they want, because they are saving the planet.
    I keep my fist cocked when I see a bicyclist on the sidewalk, because I’ve been sideswiped so many times.
  5. § flickerbat said on :
    I couldn’t have expressed all of this any better. Cyclists have the highest sense of entitlement of any group I know (though only just surpassing that of dog owners). And don’t get me started on the hipsters and their stupid ‘fixies’ riding slowly on the sidewalks…grow the fuck up.
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  8. § Beverly Swanson Email said on :
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  9. § Oz Email said on :
    I just got hit by a car on my bike last week. The driver failed to give way at a round about. Although this is somewhat funny as I have some friends so far into riding their lycra is basically grafted onto their skin, I believe one day you will be on two wheels my friend and then you’ll know what it feels like to nearly have your life taken away. Not all bike riders choose to ignore the road rules, you need to take a good hard look at yourself as there is something obviously lacking in your life e.g a bicycle …. bah haha
  10. § Air Force Ones Email said on :
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