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  1. § PinkSith said on :
    Except Bugs in drag had boobs. Having watched 3 seasons of Ru Paul’s Drag race I start to wonder if Bugs tucked or didn’t tuck.
    It’s such a double standard for girl cartoon characters versus boy cartoon characters. I want equality now! Make Daisy Duck that off that damn dress!
  2. § Jennifer Joseph Email said on :
    This is so true! Bugs Bunny is strips for the world but it’s okay because he’s male. I love your wide range of examples for cartoons…Chip & Dale! 🙂
  3. § Bruce Email said on :
    Really the case. I haven’t notice that without reading this article.
  4. § Sherryl Warmoth Email said on :
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  5. § Assistant Medical Email said on :
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  6. § Brian Email said on :
    Donald Duck doesn’t wear pants, yet when he gets out of the shower he always wraps a towel around his waist…
  7. § DeeDee2Di4 Email said on :
    ^ Brian, that’s so he doesn’t drip on the floor.
  8. § Microsoft Office 2007 Email said on :
    So cute.
  9. § Pino Email said on :
    So where would the 1980s animated series “Alvin and the Chipmunks” fit on your scale? These (male) chipmunks have humanlike mannerisms, and their shirts are so long they don’t need to wear pants.
  10. § bman (The Underfold) said on :
    Ha! This is great. Thanks!

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