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  1. § ibejeph Email said on :
    I love this article. I laughed at the end. Great stuff.
  2. § m Email said on :
    “Batman doesn’t have an iconic love interest.”

    Do you read comics, or just make generalizations that make you look like a total idiot?

    Batman’s detective skills are only matched by his stunning libido. I thought it was quite clear that Catwoman (Selena Kyle) was his most notable love interest.

    Here are some others in case you didn’t do your research:
    Julie Madison
    Silver St. Cloud
    Vicki Vale
    Linda Page
    Talia al Ghul
    Pamela Isley
    Natalia Knight
    Wonder Woman
    Black Canary
    Shondra Kinsolving
    Jezebel Jet

    And there’s more.

  3. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :
    @m, thanks for agreeing with and proving my point.

    Since you quoted it I’m sure you noticed I said, “Batman doesn’t have an ICONIC love interest.” Meaning that while he has many, there’s none that can be defined as the definitive love of his life. Argue as you will for Catwoman, many more will argue for someone else. (I, myself, prefer Talia).

    And I’m sure you read further into the article to see that I do admit that he hooks up with lots of ladies. But are these tender feelings? Does he feel for these one night stands what Superman feels for Lois Lane? Who knows? But I doubt it.

    So, thank you for providing this laundry list of ladies that prove there’s no true one and only for the Bats.
  4. § Salmon Recipes Email said on :
    LOL i really enjoy reading your blog posts. By this post i come to know that the batman comic was one of old comics debuted in 1939.
  5. § SEO Services UK Email said on :
    Batman debuted in 1939? This really amazes me. Now look how popular marvel comic hit it has become. Really an outstanding scripts. Kudos to the person who discovered the Batman story.
  6. § Maldives Resorts Email said on :
    I remember watching the Batman cartoons 8 years back. Since then i have always been a very big fan of marvel comics.

    And admin you always seem to amaze me with humorous blog posts. Great work.
  7. § Lexington law review Email said on :
    I love this article, I love reading this. I laughed at the end. Great stuff.

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