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Unbuttoning the Mystery: Superman’s Shirts

Few superheroes are as iconic as Superman; few superheroes can even be mentioned in the same breath. And nothing in the Superman mythos is probably as iconic as Clark Kent ripping open his shirt to reveal the “S” shield logo. It’s been depicted in one… more »

I Point & Smirk My Way Through C2E2

I Point & Smirk My Way Through C2E2Not many people appreciated the fine art of the point and smirk.Point & Smirk – To point and smirk at something more »

Under the Goon: Was Sloth Made or Born?

I think often of Sloth Fratelli and wonder what happened? What happened the first night he stayed with Chunk’s family for instance: did he murder everyone right away or wait until the morning? It’s your roommate is a third Menendez brother, but it’s ok… more »