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Cyberspace Madness: Thumbs and Ammo and Jewel’s Teeth

Thumbs and Ammo might be one of the best things I’ve seen on internet.Suck it SpielbergIt’s even better than my site: Celebrities with Jewel’s TeethEver since Jewel fixed her teeth the world has been completely bereft of glorious snag… more »

Masters of Disguise and Otherwise

In most cartoons and TV shows, being a master of disguise is a somewhat misleading label. It should be a master of disguise except…? The exception can be anything; except something, except fill in the blank because every great disguise is a terrible… more »

A Review of Gnards 2012 so Very Long After 2013 Began

So, where has Wolf Gnards been, you ask? Just what has ol’ Wolfie been up to? It certainly hasn’t been writing articles. Well, I’ve watched every episode of Dr. Who, read through several D&D manuals, obsessed over Jeremy Lin stats (he’s like a tal… more »