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Indiana Jones was a Hipster

Indiana Jones was punching out Nazis before it was cool (and it was always cool to punch out Nazis). But really was Indiana Jones the first a hipster or were the first hipsters simply trying to be Indiana Jones. What’s indier than Indy? Nothing really… more »

Cyberspace Madness: Super Mario Bros. 2: The Movie: The Comic

Super Mario Bros. 2: The Movie: The Comic (I guess that’s a thing)As seen on Buzzfeed courtesy of these beautiful bastardsHomemade Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles more »

Walter Peck: Environmental Hero

The exact moment I transitioned from a young, careful dude to a cranky old fart coincided with the realization that Walter Peck is just a guy who’s not only just doing his job, but he’s doing it fairly well. As I assume most of you know (and, hey, it be… more »

Cyberspace Madness: Teenage Mutant Ninja Four

Great TMNT art by m7781 Other Madness: Alternatives to Comic Sans (to spoil the joke, my favorite is Horacio Sans) A scale model dollhouse of the Golden Girls’ house – note to the world: Blanche’s raw sexuality cannot be scaled down. Worst Jobs to… more »