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The Fantastic Mr. Star Fox

Is it just me or is The Fantastic Mr. Fox and Star Fox’s Fox McCloud the same person? Identical cousins, at least.Mr. Fox is from new Wes Anderson movie based on the book by Roald Dahl. Fox McCloud is from the Star Fox game series that (along w… more »

Friday Night Nerds

I was talking to some friends about all the terrible shows that Fox had tried to package with X-Files (because this is how my crew rolls). Of course, there’s the spin offs like Millennium and the Lone Gunmen, but what I’ve always thought were more inter… more »

Natalie Portman vs Megan Fox

Portman vs Fox: a clash of the geek girl Titans. Besides being hot, these two actresses don’t share too much in common. However, they seem to have struck a common chord with nerds of all shapes and sizes. The one thing they do share is career choices.… more »

My Top 8 Movie Robots

Like all boys, I kept a hidden stash of robot specs, ninja scrolls, and jet pack plans underneath my bed. Playboys, of course, came later, but before that there was just glorious robots. An innocent time of robot wars. My particular favorite were mech… more »

The Lessons Learned from the Lovely Ladies of Cartoons

Boys have a infinite amount of possibilities. They can be Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, hell, even Aquaman is better than Rainbow Brite, but for girls it’s either Wonder Woman or bust (insert Wonder Woman bust jokes here). In imaginationland, girls are… more »

Introducing the Hiro Meter

NBC has already started their big Heroes marketing campaign, and in preparation I’ve been developing the Hiro Meter. The Hiro Meter doesn’t gauge Hiro’s power levels, but how much he has let down the Asian community. I love Hiro, I love Masi Oka, but h… more »