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I’m Totally Eating Your Brains

Check out my zombie avatar! Do you I eat brains? Check. Do I move slowly? Double check. Smell bad? Most definitely. Make uncalled for moaning sounds? I do, I do. But I’m a lovable zombie, the zombie next door you can take home to mom. Zombie Mu… more »

Separated at Birth: Wozniak and Donkey Kong

Steve Wozniak was booted off of Dancing with the Stars, and can finally leave behind the fast paced world of competitive dancing to return to his carefree life of a nerdionaire (nerd billionaire). Don’t feel bad for Woz though. America no longer has to… more »

The great debate: Gnards or Nards

There’s a big debate in my circle of nerds: is it spelled Nards or Gnards? To G or not to G, that is the question. It’s been pointed out to me by several people that I should have named the site WolfNards instead of WolfGnards. Why did I go with G? I… more »

The Refreshing Taste of Steven Seagal

How come no one told me that Steven Seagal has a energy drink? Would I like some Steven Seagal energy coursing through my veins? Hell, yes, I would. Would I like a pony tail? No. Would I like an Oriental shirt? Perhaps, but no. But would I like to… more »

Onward to Adventure…

By this time tomorrow I’ll be well on my way to Amsterdam, got my passport, got my Euros, got all the hot spots marked on a little plastic map. A week of debauchery and money to burn (nerds get paid money for services rendered, much more money than thos… more »

Welcome to Wolf Gnards!

What is – n – Predatory canine mammal (genus Canis) that prefers to live and hunt in packs, some resemblance to related canines such as dogs. Often featured on t-shirts and sweaters on both men or women who have not been laid.… more »