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Cyberspace Madness: The Fake Criterions

I just discovered the Fake Criterion collection, and some of these fake DVD are borderlined genius.One of my favorites is the Weekend at Bernies. I mean what… more »

Hooded Injustice

The Problem with Hooded SuperheroesAfter watching NBC’s The Cape and almost being run over by a car the other day while wearing a hoodie, I came to the conclusion that a hood really isn’t the most well thought out piece of survival gear.Several cla… more »

Cyberspace Madness: Why Write When other Websites can do it for You?

I was just thinking about how many websites—websites that make a very good living, a much better living than your friendly neighborhood Wolf Gnards—that don’t really do anything. They are vestigial tail of the web or the net’s inflamed appendix. You kn… more »

Vampires are a Gateway Monster

A new federal report has found:While, vampiric love in and of itself may cause only minimal personal harm, it is a dangerous habit because it leads to the use of “harder monsters” like Frankenstein, Godzilla, and Cthulhu. Suburbia has come to gripes wi… more »

The Naked Vegetarian

Why are vegetarians almost constantly naked? Almost every PETA advertisement features some semi-nude celebrity in a highfalutin veggie related double entendre. Somewhere along the line their message went from savings animals to vegans are sex crazed.… more »

Geek, Jock, or Viking

Some of my more jockish friends don’t seem to realize that the geekiest thing I’ve ever seen is them managing their fantasy baseball rosters. Fantasy teams takes away any actual physical aspect of sports and adds math to it. I cannot think of anything… more »
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