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Charles Barkley Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden

There’s not enough RPG’s that take place in a post apocalyptic New York, where Charles Barkley must fight evil robots with Chaos Dunks. I mean there’s a lot of games like that, but not nearly enough.Here’s one of the better ones…[youtube]8F1cOvZ… more »

Michael Jackson Tribute

I can’t believe one of the last Google searches I did before he died was “Corey Feldman Michael Jackson.” I just wanted to goof on the Feld, but I have to admit I went through my own Michael Jackson phase. I had the red leather jackets (zip off sleeves… more »

Kung Fu Bandito

Speaking of fake Kung Fu, I present you Kung Fu Bandito…[youtube]D2pDLJgdKBA[/youtube]I thought this was a real game but some sort of hack right up until the part he whips his penis out (Although, that could easily be a down, forward, punch attack)… more »

Lady Gaga – Sith Lord?

The Force is strong with them indeed.[youtube]f07dMakRRS4[/youtube]I never thought of Lady Gaga as really be connected to Darth Vader, but now that I think about it… They both wear garish costume (often featuring black or chrome colors).… more »

World of World of Warcraft

‘Warcraft’ Sequel Lets Gamers Play A Character Playing ‘Warcraft’The Onion really likes to rip on gamers 🙁 First Close Range now World of World of War Craft. I mean, yes, I would totally play it, but does that make me a hot pocket eating loser?… more »

Professor Brothers:JFK

Brad Neely needs to do songs about every president…[youtube]UnosoITVbGo[/youtube]Not nearly as good as Brad Neely’s George Washington song, but JFK grows on you. He was a hyper-sympathetic telepathic machine after all.The reason I enjoy JF… more »
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