Nerds DO Make Passes on Girls Who Wear Glasses

Men may seldom make passes on girls who wear glasses. But the red blooded nerd is not limited to such trivialities. Not only will we make passes, but we thrive on girls who wear glasses. Quite frankly not enough females break out the prescription lenses.

So, I put together a list of the top celebrity women who rock the sexy librarian glasses look. And I'm talking full on four-eyes-can't-see-no-date-on-friday-night-glasses glasses. Famous girls in over-sized sunglasses hardly count. Additionally, I want women who really wear glasses, women who are known for glasses, not some secretly squinty starlet. You can definitely find photos of Zooey Deschanel, Hayden Panettiere, Alicia Keys, Rosario Dawson, or Anna Faris wearing glasses, but that doesn't mean they wear glasses. We will have no pretenders here.

Thora Birch almost made the list solely because of her role in Ghost World. However, her part dictated the glasses, her glasses didn't dictate the part. Likewise, Sienna Miller is very hot as G.I. Joe's vision impaired Baroness, but hot or not, that doesn't count toward Sienna's glasses cred.

1.Lisa Loeb

Lisa Loeb Glasses

I don't know what I love more about Lisa Loeb, the fact the she loves wearing glasses or that she hates wearing pants. Lisa's number one in glasses and number one in our hearts.

2.Tina Fey

Tina Fey Glasses

I can't really say much more about Tina Fey than I already have. Her scar, her glasses, her alleged lack of self esteem, makes me believe that she's attainable. Plus she says things like, “By the hammer of Thor,” let's see 20/20 girls pull that off.

3.Janeane Garofalo

Janeane Garofalo Glasses

Janeane Garofalo is perhaps the first lady to shove the Hollywood image system aside and let her glasses shine. She helped a whole generation of young women wear black, make snarky comments, and be proud of their glasses.

4.Chloe Sevigny

Chloe Sevigny Glasses

Chloe wears glasses. Often in public. That's about it. She also performed oral sex in a movie. That kind of shows off where glasses rate in our society. It takes a girl willing to perform fellatio on screen to wear glasses on the red carpet.

5.Velma Dinkley

Velma Glasses

Brainy. Cute. Does all the work. Short skirt wearing. Not a bad dancer. Why would Freddie ever waste so much time with Daphne? Scooby-Doo's Velma paved the why for glasses wearing cartoon characters like Daria Morgendorffer.

Who's your favorite girl in glasses?

* Girls with Glasses update

Lisa Loeb is launching her own line of indie cute girl glasses.

  • Dee Dee Supreme
    Comment from: Dee Dee Supreme
    08/14/09 @ 07:54:06 am

    Chloe Sevigney? I don’t know. I don’t think she wears glasses nearly enough to count

  • Comment from: Wolf
    08/14/09 @ 08:25:08 am

    That’s how bad it is for girls with glasses. I got so desperate that I threw a cartoon on the list. There are a lot of pictures floating around the net with Chloe in glasses, so I think she wears them more than others.

  • xadrian
    Comment from: xadrian
    08/14/09 @ 08:44:03 am

    Add Rachael Harris, she’s not huge popular but I always see her in glasses and she’s charming.

  • Comment from: Wolf
    08/14/09 @ 09:57:32 am

    That’s funny, I almost added Rachael Harris. Then I thought, who’s going to know the VH1 woman… I should have known better.

    She is very cute though, and does a wonderful turtle voice. An honorable mention at the very least.

  • Fenrir
    Comment from: Fenrir
    08/17/09 @ 06:12:41 am

    I am surprised you didn’t toss up Palin for the 50+ crowd.

  • FilmBuffRich
    Comment from: FilmBuffRich
    08/17/09 @ 09:09:09 am

    Chloe also gets points for being a fan of one of my favorite 90s alt-pop bands no one ever heard of- Gigolo Aunts. She even posed for an album cover for them.

  • Average Jane
    Comment from: Average Jane
    08/17/09 @ 10:11:13 am

    My name is Average Jane and I am a girl in glasses.

    When I’m out, not a night goes by when some drunken fool says, “Ya know, you’re like… a hot librarian or something” which I’m sure is flattering. Because every hot librarian I know is… wait. I don’t know one single hot librarian. I guess it’s a porn thing? Probably also attests to the fact that aforementioned men have never actually been to a library.

    I wish people would say, “You look like [insert hot actress above]. By the way, I’m a big geek like you and we should go out sometime.” Alas…

    P.S. Boys in glasses are super hot, too. :)

  • flamgirlant
    Comment from: flamgirlant
    08/17/09 @ 07:17:52 pm

    I recently learned that I can totally rock the nerd girl look - even my friend told me I looked pretty hot. The rub is I don’t need glasses. My eyesight is just fine. Is it super poseur of me to wear glasses anyways just as an accessory?

  • Comment from: Wolf
    08/17/09 @ 07:26:33 pm

    flamgirlant, it definitely puts you in the Thora Birch category. Nothing wrong with it, just not a true girl with glasses.

    On a side note, my friend just got an eye ulcer because she refused to wear her glasses, and instead put on her contacts anyway when she had a pretty bad infection.

  • KellyJF
    Comment from: KellyJF
    08/18/09 @ 09:53:46 am

    I have to agree with Average Jane, WAY too many drunk men say “you look like a hot librarian". Wow, how original.

    My glasses define me. I prefer myself with glasses than without. They make me unique because not many girls wear glasses with confidence. I love them. And I don’t want anyone to say I look like someone else with glasses. I’m me and no one else can pull this off as well as I can :) Girls with glasses, stand up, how off your confidence, and be sexy!

  • Bill Sanford
    Comment from: Bill Sanford
    11/06/09 @ 03:14:54 pm

    If you are a man over 40 you got to admit Sarah Palin is hot in glasses. You may not agree with her politics, but she is hot. I liked her glasses so much Ithat I had my wife to buy a pair and ask her to start wearing glasses full-time

  • Comment from: Wolf
    11/06/09 @ 03:38:38 pm

    I have to admit Sarah Palin is good looking. You don’t even need to put an age qualifier on it.

    Although, I would still much rather be with Tina Fey or even the porn star who plays them both.

  • claire
    Comment from: claire
    12/04/09 @ 03:03:27 am

    just for the record thats not Chloe Sevigny pictured, its russian reds Lourdes Hernandez :)
    <3 all the specs

  • IGrowViolent
    Comment from: IGrowViolent
    01/31/10 @ 08:52:13 pm

    FilmBuffRich: Always a nice surprise to meet a fellow Gigolo Aunts fan! It’s funny, my husband has known Phil Hurley for pretty much his entire life (husband’s not Phil’s) and when I read that comment about the album cover and looked it up he said “Wow! I always wondered who that girl was on the cover. I’ll have to tell them about that next time they’re here”

  • kevinj319
    Comment from: kevinj319
    04/16/10 @ 07:30:35 pm

    Tina Fey — meh

    Janeane Garofalo — *Barfs profusely*

  • Em
    Comment from: Em
    08/14/10 @ 10:42:43 pm

    Who drew that picture of Velma, btw? It’s great.

  • Trace
    Comment from: Trace
    11/12/10 @ 01:59:12 am

    That’s not Chloe. She’s a Spanish photographer called Laura Encursiva.

  • Dee
    Comment from: Dee
    09/01/11 @ 10:41:26 pm

    I don’t know, I’m parcial to Chloe Sevigny myself
    I’m not a lezbian but I love wearing glasses and I love when nerds check it out. Go nerdlies!! <33

  • Bob
    Comment from: Bob
    04/08/12 @ 08:33:59 pm

    I would lick them all. Down low and slow.